Area 51: Secret Agent [Minor lag]
DataDyne Compound [Minor lag when outside]
-Custom Music
-No Custom Music
dataDyne Facility - Stealth
dataDyne Warehouse - Cessation
G5 Base
2X Weapons No Reloads Plus
All Solo's in Multi (with Weather) [Medium lag in dataDyne X and Minor lag outside of the Villa in Carrington Villa]
All Solos in Multi
Carrington Villa CS [Minor lag]
Crash Site CS
Deep Sea X Teleport Edition
GE Classic Guns in PD
GE Weapons Multi
Goldeneye X 5e
Kakariko Village [Minor to Medium lag on the Bizarre level]
Landing Zone Trilogy [Minor to Medium lag]
-Landing Zone Trilogy [Maian Abduction randomly crashes]
-Landing Zone Trilogy with Stars and Weather [Skedar Warship goes black, Maian Abduction randomly crashes]
Perfect Dark Plus
Weather Selector Multi
CI Training Gun Names
-GE Gun Name Display - PD Names
-GE Gun Name Display
Darks Corp Music
Japanese with Eng Text
Perfect Dark Real Gun Names
Perfect Dark XBLA mp3s