Hello and welcome to HakPak64! The purpose of this website is to test and document which ROM hacks work on a real N64 console via an EverDrive64 and which ones don't. This will attempt to cover every single ROM hack that exists for the N64 so that people can hop on and easily figure out which hacks will work without going through the process of testing each and everyone one, I'm doing that for you!  With this site you will see which ones do or don't work, which ones have issues and if they do have issues you will see what the problems are per hack.

      Keep in mind that because this is a solo project I can't even begin to cover everything at once, if you find a problem that I missed or have information I don't have please feel free to let me know via the "Contact" page and I'll add your finding to the list until I can test it myself. This is still highly a work in progress and work will be continued over time, any day that I make changes, no matter how small, will be noted in the change log. With all that said I hope people can use this website as a tool to enhance their ED64 experience. Thanks and happy hacking!

Information and Specs:

Console: Launch Day NUS-001
Region: NTSC/USA
EverDrive Version: Version 3
EverDrive OS: 2.12
EverDrive OS Mods: None
SD Card Brand: Sandisk
SD Card Model: Ultra Plus SDHC/SDXC
SD Card Size: 16GB

-This is all done and tested on an NTSC console with an NTSC television, PAL compatibility may not be the same. This should also work for previous ED64 versions but this too needs to be confirmed.

-Some Goldeneye hacks require a byteswapped .z64 file instead of the standard .n64 file to work without crashing, this only applies to IPS patches as XDELTA patches work fine either way.

-All Goldeneye hacks are tested without the "No AA" patch to avoid confusion and make things simpler. This patch removes the Anti-Aliasing in Goldeneye which improves performance on real consoles, expect performance to be better with this patch applied for all hacks.

-All hacks are tested with English/US patches, patches of any other language/Console will not be tested. It is to be expected that if US patches work then the rest will follow.

-Only the most updated versions of hacks will be tested or hacks that branch off of the main one.

-All hacks that have a specific ED64 patch will be tested only, no need to test any other patches or edits for the ROM hack if there's one made specially for the ED64. If the ED64 patch works and the others don't then the hack will still get a "playable" rating.

Color Code and Details:

Grey = Not Yet Tested
Green = Playable (The game can be started and run almost perfectly with little to no issues)
Orange = Playable but with Issues (The game can be started but may crash in-game or have issues)
Red = Unplayable (The game cannot be started)
Blue = Confirmed by another member to be playable (Not officially tested)
Purple = Confirmed by another member to be playable but with issues (Not officially tested)
Brown =  Confirmed by another member to be unplayable (Not officially tested)
[Test] = Detailed Notes on Issues
(1.0) = Version of the Hack
- = ROM hacks that have multiple parts or variations on the website
-- = ROM hacks that have multiple patches within the downloaded file
--- = ROM hacks that have both multiple directories with their own patches for each (And so on...)
[Minor Lag] = A very small loss of frames aside from the usual N64 frame rate, a small but noticeable loss.
[Medium Lag] = The mid-ground between the two, gameplay is sluggish and choppy but still remains playable.
[Major Lag] = Extremely bad lag, almost like watching a slide show.

Links and More:

Main Hack Websites:
GE/PD/DKR/MS USA/SSB64/JFG/PS ROM hacks: http://n64vault.com/
Super Mario 64 Rom Hacks: http://sm64hacks.com/ and https://sites.google.com/view/supermario64romhacks/home
Mario Party 1-3 Custom Board hacks: http://www.mariopartylegacy.com/forum/index.php?action=downloads
Legend of Zelda - Ocarina of Time hacks: http://bruceivshankle.wixsite.com/centralocarina
F-Zero X Rom Hacks: http://www.romhacking.net/?page=hacks&genre=&platform=27&game=1008&category=&perpage=50&title=&author=&hacksearch=Go
Banjo-Kazooie/Tooie Rom Hacks: https://banjosbackpack.com/ (Website currently down)

Single Hack Links:


Misc. Links:
The Original Compatibility Thread: http://krikzz.com/forum/index.php?topic=6046.0

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