Abandoned Streets 1.1

Agent Base [Medium lag inside the main control room]

Alfredo Lamberra 1.1 [Minor to Medium lag throughout the campaign due to guard count and removed fog]

Ancient Temple

Antenna Cradle [Level textures are broken and the screen is minimized in the center]

Antenna Cradle Source [Level textures are broken and the screen is minimized in the center]


--GoldenEye Antenna Cradle Source

--GoldenEye Naked Cradle

Archives Clipping Fix
Aztec Complex
Belgium Cave Base
Beta Conversion [Depot crashes at random, Jungle crashes on level start, Caverns crashes on level start, Minor to Major lag]
Blind Escape
Blind Path
Bunker 3
Bunker Escapades
Byelemore Cliff Base
Caves Mission
Chase for Hollis [Medium lag]
Chimp Caverns v1.1 [Crashes after beating the level/fading into black]
Chinese Frigate
Chinese Temple
Cliff Base
Code Red 1.1 [Medium lag in the main control room]
--codered-original[snesvideogames0] [Use the updated xdelta which was fixed for consoles]
Complex (Oofjay)
Complex Mission 1.1 (Timothy1979) [Medium lag inside the middle science area]
Complex Mission (Wreck)
Conkster Control Bunker
Cybertruck [Minor lag]
Dam Island 1.1
Dam Overture
Dark Corridor
Decoy Antenna [Minor to Medium lag]
Defuse v1.1
Descent [Minor to Medium lag depending on how many guards you have on screen]
DoakEye 64
DPRK Research Labs v1.1
DPRK Train
Drax Silo
DwaynEye 64
Error 1.2 [Minor lag in the room with the vehicles]
--GoldeneyeError-Original[amiandrey] [Crashes after the level starts, use the updated xdelta as it was fixed for console]
Extinction [Vertex issues due to incorrect fog settings, map still plays as intended]
Free For All
Galvic Prison v1.1 [Medium lag once the door to the prison cell area is opened, Major lag once the guards pile up]
Ginez Silvo: Five Pack [Minor to Medium lag]
--Part1Camps [Minor to Medium lag]
--part3storage endor
--part4Caves [Medium lag from all the guards bunching up in the starting room, may be on a player by player basis]
Ginez Silvo: The Adventure Continues [Most levels tend to have Minor to Medium lag]
GoldenEye 007 - Ken Lobb Classic
Goldeneye Hard Mode [Minor lag due to more guards in levels]
GoldenEye With Mario Characters
GoldenEye With Sonic Characters [Minor lag in areas with increased guard counts]
Goldfinger 64 [Minor to Medium lag in certain levels]
Grid Mission
Guard Station 1.1
Havana Streets
Hidden Base
Hidden Basement
Hidden Train
Hide and Seek
High Stakes Streets [Minor to Medium lag]
High Stakes Streets 2 [Minor to Medium lag]
Hill Base v1.1
Hill Base 2
Hotel [Minor lag due to guards in the ending segment of the level]
Ice Caverns
India Summer
Infiltration 1.1 [Medium lag]
Irish Caverns
Jank Palace
Janus Nuclear Facility
Janus Silo
Japanese Facility 1.1 [Medium lag inside the Bottling Room and Minor to Medium lag depending on how many guards are on screen]
Japanese Temple
Japanese Temple 2
Jungle War [Minor lag]
Jungle With Ladder
K7 Centre [Minor lag when inside the engine room]
K.I.L.L.E.R. vs Vendetta [Few minor slowdowns in certain areas]
K.I.L.L.E.R. vs. Vendetta: Expanded Edition [Minor lag on certain levels and Medium lag on Cradle and the Rainforest levels]
Kaientai Archives RO&D
Kaientai Basement 1.1
KAIENTAI Frigate 1.1
Launch Station
Library Mission
Manufactory v1.1 [Crashes after beating the level/during fade to black]
Meeting Room [Minor lag]
Midnight Attack
Military Ship [Minor lag when outside on the deck]
Mirror Mode
Missile Facility 1.1
Missile Silo v1.1
Mountain Base [Shooting any pink test tubes will crash the game, crashes before endgame teleportation in Generator Room]
Mt. Fuji 1.1 [Minor to Medium lag once a lot of guards are on screen]
Nigeria Forest
Nihil Silo
Nitro Surface 1.1
Office [Medium lag]
Path Land
Prison (Zka) [Vertex issues due to incorrect fog settings, map still plays as intended]
Probe Launching Site
Project Goldeneye v2.1 [Medium lag on Dam]
Puerto Rican Jungle
Q Lab Device Training 1.1
Q's Big Test (Action World) v1.1
Q's Silo Complex
Research Bunker [Shooting pink test tubes will crash the game]
Research Complex v1.2 [Blowing up one of the 4 stacked boxes by the surveillance camera and jeep will crash the game]
Research Facility v1.3
Retract [Minor lag on the long bridge area]
RickRollEye 64
Runway Infiltration [Medium lag]
Runway Takedown 1.1 [Minor lag towards the end of the runway]
Russian Bunker
Russian Bunker 2
Sahara Prison 1.1
Satellite Control Bunker
Satellite Control Bunker 2 [Crashes after killing the AR33 guard in the computer room]
Secret Base v1.1
Secret Hideaway
Severnaya Bunker 2 Mission 3.1 [Minor to Medium lag if guards all bunch up together]
Sewers v1.1
Shipping Yard [Minor to Medium lag]
Showdown [Minor lag]
Silo Mission
Snowy Mountain [Crashes after the alarm is set off when inside the communication dish building, probably guard issues]
Soviet Testing Base
SpookyEye [Expect more lag on every level due to the skeleton guards being higher poly]
Storage Complex [Shooting pink test tubes will crash the game]
Storage Facility [Minor lag]
Storage Factory v1.1
Storage Wearhouse
Streets Negotiations [Medium lag]
Surface Attack 1.1
Surface Infiltration v1.1
The K7 Assignment Pack
The Chase
Training 001
Training 002
Training 003
Trevelyan HQ
Underground Base
Underground Base Reborn
Underground Base:slimwe v1.1
Underground Cave
Volcano Lair 1.1 [Possible Minor to Medium lag if guards all bunch up together]
Warehouse 8 v1.1
Weapon's Warehouse
Work [Seems to crash or black screen at random when using the PC]
WW2 City
WW2 Hangar
Yoshida Dam [Skip the Bond level intro or it will crash, killing the guard near the shutter door while it's opening will crash]

Almond Temple

Antenna Cradle [Major lag on both variations of the patch]

Archives Fullzone [Minor lag]

Archives Backzone [Minor to medium lag]

Archives First Floor

Attack Ship Bridge [Minor lag]

BK Map Pack 1.1

Block Fort

Block Fort Upside-Down

BMW's Multi Pack v7 [Minor lag]

Bottling Room 1.1

Bunker 1 Multi

Bunker 1.5

Caged Carnage

Car Park Multiplayer

Cargo Ship [Crashes on level start]

Caves Control 1.1

Chaos 1.1

Chicago Multi


Complex PD

Complex Walkway


Compound [Crashes before spinning logos on intro]




Control Multi

Co-op Facility

Counter-Strike Map Pack 1.2


--CSPATCH [The level "Crash" crashes, may also crash when loading multiple levels]

--CSPATCHrevised11 [The level "Crash" crashes, may also crash when loading multiple levels]



Cradle Duel [Crashes when selecting the level sometimes, keep retrying and eventually it will load without crashing]

Cradle MP Death Elevation [Minor lag]

Crate Complex

Cuba Multiplayer 1.1 [Major lag]

Cuban Temple

Donut Land [Minor lag]

Facility Backzone 1.0 [Medium lag]

Facility Backzone 1.1a [Minor lag]

Facility Backzone 1.2 [Medium lag]

Facility Fullzone [Minor lag in the gas tank room]

Facility Science Area

Facility Vent

Facility Vent Zone

Fort Plastro 1.1


Fuel Dump

G5 Building Multiplayer

Golden Nintendo Maps (Nintendo Classic Maps)

GoldenEye 007 - Tournament Edition v1.04

GoldenEye: Dark Edition


Jaws Arena

Jungle [Medium lag]

Kahi's Prison


Libratory [Major lag]


Mirror Multi


MultiplayerX's Extended Multi Mod [Crashes if you load more then one or two levels a session and Minor to Major lag]

New Levels 1.1 [Minor lag on Archives]

New Multis Package

New York City [Major lag]

Paradox 1.1

Pokemon Snap Beach

Rainforest and Country Hills 1.1 [Medium lag]

Ravine Multi

Rogue Control Center

Runway Multiplayer

Sewers [Minor to Medium lag]

Shapes and Colors [Crashes when selecting levels sometimes. Choosing "Random" may either zoom the game in or crash]

Silo Backzone

Silo Multi [Minor lag]

Skeder Multi

Solo in Multi 1.1 [Minor lag]

Solo in Multis (Goldeneye Legends) [Streets crashes in a certain point in the level and Minor to Major lag]


--Colombia Bonus [May crash several times before working]

--Cuba Bonus [Crashes on level start]

--Goldeneye Legend PART ONE

--Goldeneye Legend PART TWO


Statue and Cradle Multi

Streets Multiplayer 1.1

Super Mario Brothers

Techno Dish [Minor lag in some areas]

Testing Area

The Apartment

The Arena

The Game [Medium to Major lag]

Township [Crashes when selecting the level sometimes, keep retrying and eventually it will load without crashing]


Upper Stacks [Crashes when selecting the level sometimes, keep retrying and eventually it will load without crashing]

Villa Multi


Wreck's Multi Pack [Minor lag]

(Gameplay hacks, no tools/modding assets will be tested)

Aiming Down Sights

All Bond Costumes Multiplayer

All Bonds (Monkeyface)

All Bonds (Wreck/SubDrag)

All Bonds (Mark Kane)

All Bonds in Menu

All Guns Zoom

Always Show Crosshair










Backwards Watch

Beta Aimer

Blood Patch

Cheat Extension

Choose Same Character

Custom Music
Doom-Style Looking [Crashes in any Solo level, multiplayer is unaffected]




Dr. No

Dual Eyes Cooperative GoldenEye 2.0 [Silo and Surface II crash on level start]

Enemy Golden Guns

Enemy Lasers

Flipped MIDI

Footsteps V18

GE No Invert Patches

GoldenEye 007 Master Agent

GoldenEye Hi Res





--GE640x480i[SubDragAndTrevor] [Expect Medium to Major lag on every level]

--GE640x480iNoAA[SubDragAndTrevor] [Expect Medium lag on almost every level and Major lag]

GoldenEye Real Gun Names

GoldenEye Spectrum Emulator

Jiggy Paradise [Crashes on level start]

Live and Let Die Mode

Mord's Weapon Set

NGPA Edition 1.0

Old GE Weapon Names

Random Flag Placement
Spectacled Guards





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