Big Boo's Haunt
Big Donut [Crashes on track select]
Blue Streak Road [Crashes on track select]
Coockie's Test Track [Crashes on track select]
Dino Valley V2
-DKR-DinoValley-V2(sixtyfour) [Minor lag for most of the level, most noticeable near green dinosaur]
-old-dinovalley[sixtyfour] [Crashes on track select]
DKR Community Track Pack V0.1
DKR Ocarina of Time
Doom Base 1.1
Froggy Haze 1.1
Gliese Boneyard
Green Saturn [Crashes on track select]
Mad Monster Mansion
Moon-Station [Crashes on track select]
Rainbow Road 1.1
Sunfire Sanctum
Test Map [Crashes on track select]
Test Track
Tiptup Choir
Yoshi Racing Story V0.4

007 Bond Racer in DKR
Blastoise in DKR
Haunter in DKR
-DKR Haunter64
-DKR Haunter64 - Adventure
Rexy Dino Racer

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