Have Info I Don't? Shoot Me A Message And Tell Me About It!

Use this page to contact me about any information you have concerning either compatibility info for a hack that's not on my list yet or new information for a hack already on my list (Crashes/issues I've missed).

All that is asked is that all messages have something to do with helping me with information, make sure to make your messages as detailed as possible such as including the game the hack is for, if it has a special category (Solo Hacks, Multi Hacks, etc), if the hack is not on any of the linked sites here then provide a link, and general information that will help me with testing it.

Thanks for the heads up, I'll get back to you as soon as possible!
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Other Contact Methods:

If using the above prompt isn't your thing you can also contact me on a few other places, you can find all of them below!

Discord: (The Renegadist#4752)


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