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Update 4-23-20

Posted on April 23, 2020 at 3:40 PM

Update 4-23-20

-Updated "Support The Site" to include the amount people donate as well as update April to show that it is covered

-Updated "Contact" remvoing my affiliation with the N64 Vault Discord and instead just providing my Discord tag

-Updated GoldenEye 007 Master Agent's info based on a reporting by "CloudMcRip" that is playable on console, further testing will be done

-Tested Blarggs Fire Rivers for Mario Party, runs perfectly on console

-Tested Adventure Land for Mario Part 2, had texture issues on the board and the hack crashed during the loading of a mini-game

-Tested several Mario Party 3 hacks, all crashed after the board introduction except for Pokemon Johoto Region

-Tested several GoldenEye hacks proving to be playable on console including Abandoned Streets 1.1 and Mt. Fuji 1.1

-Tested the GoldenEye hack Chimp Caverns which the past crashing issue was fixed but now there's a new one

-Added "Cartman" to the Super Smash Bros. character hack section

-Added Snowy Mountain to the GoldenEye Solo Hack section, this was just released today

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