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Posted on November 22, 2019 at 8:50 PM

I'm going to be taking a hiatus for a small amount of time, no surprise since there hasn't been an update in awhile but I figured I should say something.



The first part of it is due to the lack of interest in this website and the project as a whole, I expected people to contact me on Discord, on the site itself, and on the ED64 forums but only a couple people have done so which is better than nothing but not enough to keep me motivated. I also expected people to help pitch in to keep the site up since I was getting a lot of private messages from people asking about when the site would go up but unless I've missed something I haven't gotten a single donation which is fine by itself because donations aren't required by any means but it still doesn't help with motivation.



The second half to this is due to a falling out with the N64 Vault Discord, essentially two of the people who run the site/Discord acted like a couple of immature children after I called out one of them for being snarky and condescending and apparently it was enough to get a permanent ban without a warning or kick. Unfortunately this is the only website to host most of the hacks for the N64 meaning you really can't get most of them anywhere else so without a good source to get and track hacks coming out things will be on hold.



Not the best news but it was about time I said something, the website will of course be kept up and kicking for as long as I can keep it up but no new updates will be coming out for awhile save for maybe Mario Party hacks at the least. Thanks for tuning in if anybody did and take care.

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