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Update 9-23-19

Posted on September 23, 2019 at 7:15 PM

Update 9-23-19

-Added 2 new GoldenEye Solo hacks (Missile Silo and Snowy)

-Added 1 new Diddy Kong Racing Character hack (Rexy Dino Racer)

-Added 1 new Super Smash Bros. Level hack (Wizard's Quad Pack)

-Tested 1 Diddy Kong Racing Character hack with no issues (Rexy Dino Racer)

-Tested 2 GoldenEye Solo hacks, some had crashing issues (Defuse) while the others were just fine (GoldenEye With Sonic Characters, Japanese Temple 2, and Exotic)

-Tested 4 Super Smash Bros. levels, all worked just fine though "The Wa" had a little bit of lag (Luigi's Mansion, ReDead Stage, The Wa, and Valley of Repose)

Categories: EverDrive 64 Compatibility Changelog

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