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Update 9-17-19

Posted on September 17, 2019 at 3:25 AM

Update 9-17-19

-Tested one new F-Zero X hack (F-Zero X Climax) which was successful

-Tested one Jet Force Gemini hack (Dream Blue Forest) which was successful

-Test one Mario Party hack (Spiral Mountain) which was successful

-Test two Mickey Speedway USA hacks (Mickey Jungle and Side Skirts) which were both successful

-Tested 3 Pokemon Snap hacks (Basement, Filled Beach, and Rith Essa) which all three were successful although there were lag issues on Filled beach

So this is the first update since I've put the site up for the public, I hope to do many more and fill out the rest of the site within the coming weeks. One other thing I should mention is that hacks also opened up for games like Bomberman 64 and Yoshi's Story so pages for those will be added very soon.

Categories: EverDrive 64 Compatibility Changelog

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